ideas42 Trying to Address the “Intention Action Gap” with Behavioral Intervention

Our friends over at ideas42 have a guest post on the HC3 blog The post provides a great overview of how they are using applied behavioral economics (BE) in an ongoing intervention. The goal of the intervention is to increase post-abortion family planning (PAFP) in privately run sexual and reproductive health clinics in Nepal.

This goal relates to a theme that has been previously discussed in this blog, closing the “Intention-Action Gap.” While previous qualitative research shows that the target population for this intervention desire to limit future births or provide greater birth spacing (Intention), family planning up take among these women  is low (action). So in order to close this “gap” ideas42 and their partners are trying a behavioral intervention.

The remainder of the post provides a good overview of how ideas42 diagnosed the problem and defined a potential solution. The post also provides great explanation for why researchers and practitioners need to remain agnostic and check their own biases during the problem diagnosis stage. I suggest you all read the full post here, and for a more in-depth description of how ideas42 used their applied BE methodology in this intervention check out their post on frontiers in Public Health.