Unmet Adolescent Need for Contraception: BE Framework

A [Very] Late Follow Up to International Youth Day August 12th was International Youth Day. Many in the development community celebrated this day, by spotlighting the role the youth will play in meeting the U.N . Sustainable Development Goals. One article on Devex.com particularly stuck with me. The article presents the findings of a Guttmacher […]

Big Data and Behavior

Big data and behavioral economics are trending among policymakers and increasingly the general population. A Deloitte publication recently identified several ways in which these two emerging fields can leverage insights from each other to improve policy. Predictive analyses using big data can help identify individuals or populations whose actions don’t align with their stated preferences […]

Behavioral Economics and Social Exclusion

Many successful behavioral economics interventions have affected individual’s financial or educational decision-making. It is also increasingly being used to improve health outcomes. Yet, there has been little research on its possible application to reduce social exclusion. A new World Bank working paper tested several interventions that seek to change or affect an individual’s automatic thinking […]

Identity Priming to Improve Reproductive Health Services

People are constantly subjected to stimuli that influence their decision-making processes. Advertisers commonly harness this tool – priming – to promote their products or services. Businesses may choose a particular color scheme, building temperature or music to subtly influence people’s decisions. Priming allows people to quickly filter or emphasize the important information. In the context […]

Google reveals the benefits and challenges of behavioral experiments

Google has been conducting several experiments that draw on behavioral economics to change users’ actions that undermine their online safety. Researchers designed several interventions including simplifying information and increasing the time it takes to link to an unsafe site that failed to significantly change users’ behaviors. Now, Google will try to harness social pressure to […]

The ideas42 Summit: Innovative Solutions to Reproductive Health Challenges

Last Friday, approximately 60 reproductive health service providers gathered at the ideas42 summit in Washington, DC to discuss how behavioral economics can help create innovative solutions to some of the major challenges in reproductive health and family planning. In addition to an in-depth explanation of behavioral economics and the psychologies of decision making and action, […]

Framing our Understanding of Time

A recent study by Leon Tam and Utpal Dholakia, published in Psychological Science evaluated how our understanding of time affects savings. People tend to value the immediate benefits over the future benefits, so they save less money even when they have an intent to save more. Tam and Dholakia found that framing time as cyclical (weeks, seasons, months […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior

Are you interested in learning more about the basics of behavioral economics? Then consider signing up for Duke professor, Dan Ariely’s free introductory course. It will explore when and how people deviate from the standard economic model and how insights from behavioral economics can nudge people into making better decisions. The eight week course begins […]