Running a Randomized Control Trial in a Real Health System

This week’s blog features a project update written by BERI grantee Anne Karing and research assistant Arthur Baker. Karing is a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at UC-Berkeley. Together with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone and CEGA’s Behavioral Economics for Reproductive health Initiative, IPA Sierra Leone has launched a new randomized control […]

FP2020 Midterm Report

For various reasons (due to market and/or social/behavioral barriers), many women and girls in developing countries do not utilize modern contraceptives, despite their intention to delay or prevent pregnancy. Recent estimates put the number of women and girls in developing countries with an unmet need for modern contraceptives at 225 million1. One of the Family […]

Educational Nudges for Success

The recent push by the executive branch to make community college tuition-free is one of many tactics that policy has taken over the years in an effort to close the educational attainment gap in the United States.  The disparity is staggering. Children born to low-income families have only a nine percent chance of attending college.  […]