Thinking Fast Thinking Slow
Cognition is a limited resource making it difficult toEase vs Deliberation_TM
sort and process information.

The standard economic model assumes that we can process all information and make an informed choice while behavioral economics recognizes that our cognitive capacity is a scarce resource and we have limited attention. Even if someone does have access to all relevant information, he or she may not be able to process it quickly and effectively enough to form coherent and optimal decisions and instead use mental shortcuts or intuition to make a final choice.

Mental Shortcuts:
individuals systematically use heuristics or ‘rules of thumb’ when making complex decisions. .

The use of job aids and decision tools for health care providers is a common form of heuristic used in reproductive health.

The belief a person holds to be true even without conscious reasoning.

Intuition is not well understood in reproductive health, but several studies in the United States have found that nurses frequently rely on intuition when making decisions.

Limited Attention:
Attention is an important component of decision-making, and it is also a limited resource.

A woman who is concerned about the health needs of her children may not have the time to carefully consider all her contraceptive options and the pros and cons of each.



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