Sub-Saharan Africa

Empowering Young Women in Malawi:
A Mixed Methods Approach

ILRI_Mann_Woman in Rural Malawi 2009
The long-term impacts of cash transfers on young women’s self-esteem and aspirations.
Delaying Pregnancy among Youth in Tanzania

This study explores how building girls’ aspirations and harnessing social influences affect adolescent pregnancy and schooling outcomes

The Role of Soft Skills in Pregnancy
and Work in Uganda

Educate! Uganda
This study tests how entrepreneurship training that links family planning to career success can improve job market and fertility outcomes.

Maternal Mortality Risk and the
Gender Gap in Desired Fertility in Zambia
Zambia, Barotse Floodplain - November 2012. Photograph by Felix Clay.
This RCT tests the effects of a maternal mortality curriculum designed to break down cultural myths
about pregnancy.


Stimulating Demand for LARC IN Zimbabwe MD001975
Researchers evaluate the impact of a community-based intervention to increase women’s uptake of LARCs.


 Increasing Demand for Antenatal Care in Sierra Leone 
 Researchers provide colored bracelets, as a social incentive, to increase demand for antenatal care in Sierra Leone.


Pre-commitment to delivery facilities in Kenya

This study examines how pre-commitment devices increase women’s use and timely arrival at quality delivery facilities. 

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