Social Incentives to Increase Demand for Skilled Care During Pregnancy and Childbirth | Anne Karing, UC Berkeley 

The Challenge

Skilled antenatal care (ANC) plays a major role in decreasing maternal deaths, of which 99% occur in developing countries. This project plans to introduce a social incentive for pregnant women to take up ANC in rural areas of Sierra Leone.

The Approach

The social incentive will be in the form of a bracelet, where the color of a woman’s bracelet represents the number of ANC visits she has completed. This will allow community members to easily recognize whether a woman is up to date on her health visits.

The initiative focuses on social behavioral biases, captured in the BERI trade-off of “Self vs. Other”. The hypothesis is that women’s health care decisions may reflect social norms. IPA and the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health Sanitation will be implementing partners for the project.

The Lesson

Health workers are expected to begin bracelet distribution via government facilities in April 2016.

Gianmarco Leon, Sierra Leone, May 2010.

Gianmarco Leon, Sierra Leone, May 2010.

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